Trendsend Review – November 2016

Hi everyone! I haven’t been around in the blogging world much lately. Between the election, ramping up for the holidays, and other personal stuff (worst morning sickness ever…) I haven’t had much time or energy to spend. However I did receive a pretty awesome box from Trendsend that I wanted to share with you.

How Trendsend Works

  • Sign up and fill out a detailed style profile. Trendsend has one of the longer profiles I’ve filled out, but at least they get a lot of details about what you like and your lifestyle.
  • Request a box or set up an automatic delivery for every 1, 2, or 3 months. I have mine set for on demand.
  • Trendsend will charge you a $1 processing fee that will be credited toward any of your purchases.
  • Trendsend styles your box from the inventory of the store Evereve, and ships it to you FOR FREE!
  • Try everything on, take pictures, take notes, model for your significant other, whatever helps you process the clothing.
  • Keep what you like, and send everything else back within 5 days in the prepaid shipping envelope provided!
  • Check out and leave feedback online.

Even though Evereve doesn’t carry maternity clothes (but they totally should…), I was able to check a box on my survey letting my stylist know I was pregnant. So I was hopeful I would only get clothes that would work for me as my bump grows. My stylist this month was Megan E. I found out on their website that you can now request to have the same stylist, if you like consistency. Here is the note she included:

Hi Mallory,

Happy Trendsend Day! I’m so excited to style this box for you! I read through your Style Profile and I made it my personal mission to create looks with our personal style, budget, wants and needs in mind. Have fun trying on your new items & I hope you love your box, let me know what you think!

Outfit One:

Megan’s Note: I am so excited you wanted to try a poncho! They are a super fun trendy that looks chic and put together but is SO simple for you to throw on! This will be a go-to for you as you continue your pregnancy! I paired it with this staple thermal! The buttons on the sleeve give this simple top a little something extra!

My Thoughts: This poncho is really comfortable, but the color is kind of blah. If Megan had sent the poncho in this beautiful blue color I may not have been able to resist, however I wasn’t feeling the gray. A couple of weeks later I bought this poncho with my reward money in the store, the pattern is so fun! I thought the snaps on the thermal top were pretty cute, and it did look like there was a little room for me to grow before I outgrew the top. However I don’t really like the frayed hem look, and again, white just wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with this top. It does come in lots of other cute colors though! The jeans are also from this box. I’ll get to those in a bit.

Outfit Two:

Megan’s Note: I saw that you have been sent different vest styles, so I thought we would try more of a Fall/Winter style! This one is so darling with its color and style. I added the cold shoulder top after reading you are loving this trend! They create a more chic look then the everyday thermal and vest. Top it off with the cozy grey infinity scarf that is sure to go with countless looks you already own!

My Thoughts: I do love cold shoulder tops, but now that the temperature is starting to drop in Minnesota, my shoulders would be literally freezing. This vest, however, is my jam. It’s so warm and cozy and soft. I’m also a sucker for plaid, and I don’t have any of this color plaid in my closet. I highly recommend it. Plus it’s on sale and comes in other colors! I also decided to keep this scarf. I really like the design because it’s just a tube. Unlike with a regular infinity scarf that I have to keep adjusting to make look nice (is that just me?) this one just slips on and drapes perfectly. Plus the price was great!

Outfit Three:

Megan’s Note: This is a super fun, casual yet trendy look for a mommy on the go! After seeing that you haven’t had a lot of luck with denim so far, I made it my mission to try and finds a pair that is budget friendly and your style. These denim are a STEAL and has the distressing that you love! I paired it with this darling plaid and one of our best selling graphic tee’s! Together this look is flattering, on trend and easy for you to throw on and go!

My Thoughts: I do really love coffee, but since my morning sickness started I haven’t been able to drink any. So this shirt just makes me sad. There is a brunch version of this tee though! I also really loved the plaid shirt, but since I was already buying the vest, I didn’t really want to purchase an expensive buttondown, especially when I wouldn’t be able to button it in another couple of months. The jeans. They do look really, really good. However I could barely squeeze these babies on now, let alone in a month. I really didn’t want to buy a pair of tight pants that would inevitably become my “goal” pants after pregnancy that I would never fit into again. No thank you. I peeled out of these as quickly as I could and crawled back into my comfy pants.


I’m happy with my purchases, but I’m a little bummed about my box overall this time. I’m not sure why my stylist thought I would be over the moon for neutrals when there are so many fun fall colors out there, but at least I did get to try on a couple of plaid items. This will probably be my last box for awhile, since they don’t offer maternity clothing. I look forward to continuing next summer though once I’ll fit into non-maternity pants again! (Hopefully?)

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Lou & Grey Signature Soft + We Are Fashion Linkup


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This post is another in my comfortable mom clothes series. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought apparently. This week’s inspiration comes from two dresses that I’ve been wearing on heavy rotation ever since I bought them, and I highly recommend the entire collection. Continue reading

Plaid Shirt with a Graphic Tee + We Are Fashion Linkup


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The past couple of weeks I’ve really noticed the change in my personal style. It’s interesting how quickly I’ve gone from dressing like a teacher, to coming dangerously close to wearing sweatpants everyday. Luckily, I don’t own any sweatpants, (I got rid of all my college gear a couple of years ago) so I can’t actually give into the temptation.

It’s especially difficult on days like today when I’m not planning on leaving the house. So here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

We Are Fashion Linkup #5


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This week’s post is just the link up. Grayson has been sick, and I haven’t been feeling so great either, so it’s been difficult to work up the motivation to get dressed in a cute outfit and take pictures. Then be able to sit down and write a post about it without Grayson climbing all over me. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with an outfit!

We Are Fashion Linkup

Featured Posts

My favorite post this week was from Rena at Fine Whatever.


She published her 100th post on her birthday, and I loved the discussion of everything she’s learned over the last year. I also got a kick out of all her fun poses, and I love her floral cardigan!

The most clicked post this week was Jennie’s on A Pocketful of Polka Dots


In her post Jennie shares her love for layers and her newfound love for scarves. I love her burgundy cardigan — those ruffles are really cute!

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Day Trip to Duluth + Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me Linkup


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This weekend we decided to explore our new state and head up to Duluth, MN. The drive up was beautiful; it was a nice warm day and the trees still have their colorful leaves.

After eating at Vitta Pizza, which serves delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas (my favorite), we drove to Leif Erickson park where we met the man himself. Continue reading

Fall Bootie Face-Off: Stitch Fix Edition


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A couple months ago I challenged Stitch Fix to find me the perfect pair of fall jeans. It was so much fun, and I ended up with a fantastic pair of distressed Pistola jeans with an interesting wash and ankle zippers. That experience inspired be to try it again, but this time with booties. I asked Stitch Fix to send me five pairs of booties, and gave them a description of what I already had and what I was looking for. I was really hoping they would send me some fun fall-colored booties, because the two pairs I have are neutral. I also need ones without a ridiculously high heel, because although those look really awesome, they’re just not practical for my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle.
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Fall Floral + We Are Fashion Linkup


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This week has been absolutely crazy and awesome. My sister came to visit us from Oregon. She’s our first visitor since we moved to Minneapolis, and we had a lot of fun showing her around. We were so busy everyday I didn’t even think to take pictures of what I was wearing! Which is unfortunate, because the cold weather last weekend allowed me to wear lots of cute layers.

Then on Tuesday I received a couple of exciting packages, and I decided to design an outfit around them. Continue reading

Emerald Green Tunic + We Are Fashion Linkup


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I purchased this tunic from Trunk Club a few months ago while I was trying to grow my fall wardrobe. I haven’t worn it yet, cause while the color is beautiful, there is a lot of fabric and it’s a little overwhelming. I wasn’t sure exactly how to style it before now. I think I’ve got it figured out though. This outfit was perfect to take my son to the park!

I decided to wear the tunic over leggings. However you could also wear a top like this with the front tucked into a pair of pants (if I remember correctly that’s how the model was wearing this tunic). I wanted to add a layer onto the tunic, so I chose a vest to give the outfit a little structure. I also decided to go with a vest instead of a jacket, because there is nothing more annoying than having long sleeve bunch up inside a jacket. Also, the sleeves on this tunic are SUPER long, so they would have stuck out from the jacket a few inches.

Outfit Details

TunicFree People Anna Burnout High/Low Tee now 25% off + other colors (Trunk Club Review) | Vest  – J. Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest | Leggings – nothing special; good option | Shoes – Sam Edelman from Nordstrom (no longer available/similar) | NecklaceCharming Charlie (similar) | Sunglasses Wantable (Wantable review/similar)

We Are Fashion Linkup


Featured Posts

Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom


In this post Carrie is sharing fall outfits that are still warm weather appropriate. This is something I have been struggling with. I really want to wear all my sweaters and scarves, but then I get way too hot! I love Carrie’s look, with the on-trend cold-shoulder top and cool fall colors. I think she accessorized the look perfectly, and booties are a great way to dress for fall.

Nicole from High Latitude Style

#styleover50 mature woman in a peplum  abstract floral print dress

In her post Nicole shows us the outfit she wore to a seven course potato dinner! As a fashion AND food lover, this post really caught my eye. Definitely go to her post to check out the menu. The dish that sounded most interesting to me was the purple potato ice cream! Even more impressive than the menu is this fabulous dress that she made herself! I love the print, and that silhouette is perfect. I love how she styled it with simple black flats — perfect for dancing!

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12 Cozy Sweaters for under $100


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As the weather gets colder I’ve been thinking more and more about cozy sweaters. I have a couple that I can’t wait to wear, but I have a feeling I’ll be living in sweaters now that we’re living in Minnesota. I’ve been scouring the internets for cozy sweaters that won’t break the bank. I’m having a hard time deciding which ones I should try. Take a look at what I found! Continue reading

Feeling Fabulous in a Corn Maze


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On Saturday we drove an hour to Govin’s Farm in Wisconsin. A friend of ours is from there, and she recommended it and met us there. They have lots of great activities for kids and adults, including a gigantic corn maze with a tractor ride to the entrance, animals to pet, pig races, and lots of games like mini-golf, rubber-duck races, and a inflatable platform to bounce on.

They also have little “CORNundrums” scattered around the farm, that are little brain teasers to solve. They each have a picture that illustrates a common phrase, for example, a dog whose body is an ear of corn (corn dog). I just love corny jokes. There were also BINGO cards and activities inside the corn maze. There was so much to do it almost felt overwhelming! Continue reading